Integration Party

Mon February 4th, 8pm  - PM Bar

Excited about your semester in the Czech Republic?

Do you want to meet new people with whom you’ll spend the semester in the Czech Republic?

This is the best opportunity to get socialized and integrate into the international community of the ISC! Don’t miss the chance to make friends and enjoy your very first “BIG PARTY” here!

There will be organised meetings at Strahov and Masarykova dormitory to guide to the club where the party’s gonna take place.

Strahov meeting at 19:15

Masarykova dormitory meeting at 19:00


8pm……..taste the local food and drinks

9pm……see the presentation

10pm……dance the night away at the afterparty

WHEEERE?, Trojická 10, Praha 2


Don’t think about coming, come! :)

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