Workshop McKinsey & Company: Case Study Adventure

Láká Tě práce v poradenské společnosti? Umíš anglicky a chceš předvést své dovednosti na reálném případě? Tak čti dál!

McKinsey & Company – Case Study Adventure
Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2012

If you are pursuing PhD, Master’s or final year of Bachelor’s degree, seeking challenges, and willing to develop yourself, we encourage you to apply for McKinsey’s Case Study Adventure.

During the workshop, you will:
·        Get hands-on experience as a management consultant working on a real business case
·        Receive coaching and feedback to improve your problem-solving and soft skills
·        Spend three fun and active days at an exciting off site location with McKinsey consultants and other top students
·        Learn more about our client work and career opportunities at McKinsey

Apply online by November 4, 2012. More information at
All costs are covered by McKinsey.

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